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Who Gets the House?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I’m entering week four in Haiti now. Much of my time has been watching the transformation of the Village as more homes are built. There are now eleven homes available for tent city families to move into and I’ve extended my trip so that we can choose the families and help them move in to their new homes this week.

We have been to several tent cities to look for the families in most need and many people have come by the Village to ask for a home. We interview them and place them in order of need based on our criteria.

By tomorrow morning we have to decide on our eleventh and last family. It is between a family with four young children who lost both parents and are being raised in a tent city by their grandmother and a Christian family, husband, wife with three children 10, 7, 3 and two grandparents living in a most awful tent city. Pray for us as we make this difficult decision.

I asked one mom of four children what happens when big winds come. She said that the tarps blow away and they just stand there in the rain and wind waiting for it to end. Such misery is still hard for me to comprehend. Pray with me for more homes.

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